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In the global information age, utilizing computer technology to cut capital and personnel costs has become a must for both the private and public sectors for providing convenient and efficient e-services to citizens. Taiwan is no exception to this trend and has endeavored to employ computers and the Internet to upgrade services.


However, as concern is growing worldwide about information security, cyber crime and the spread of inappropriate speech online, addressing these issues with countermeasures has become among the government’s top security priorities.


To strengthen the nation’s capabilities in these areas by consolidating and expediting the development of Taiwan’s information and communication security infrastructure, in Cabinet Meeting No. 2718 in January 2001, the National Information & Communication Security Mechanism Plan, Phase I was approved; the National Information and Communication Security Taskforce was established to bolster Taiwan’s infrastructure in these areas, and a technical service center(National Center for Cyber Security Technology, NCCST) was created to provide support.

The Department of Cyber Security was set up under the Executive Yuan in Aug. 2016 to improve the implementation of information security measures and delegate responsibilities. This marked a new stage in the country’s effort to protect information and will aid the promotion of the latest security measures.