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Cybersecurity Development Program

National Strategy for Cybersecurity Development Program (2013-2016)


To  strengthen  Taiwan's  capability  to  deal  with  information  and  communication  security  issues,  the  Executive  Yuan  approved  the  National  Information  and  Communication  Infrastructure  Security  Mechanism  Plan  (2001-2004)  (the  Phase  1  Mechanism  Plan)  at  its  2718th  meeting  on  January  17,  2001.  Between  2005  and  2012,  the  Executive  Yuan  carried  out  the  National  Information  and  Communication  Infrastructure  Security  Mechanism  Plan  (2005-2008)  (the  Phase  2  Mechanism  Plan)  and  the  National  strategy  for  Cybersecurity  Development  Program  (2009-2012)  (the  Phase  3  Development  Program).  Consequently,  with  the  collaborative  efforts  of  agencies  from  central  government,  special  municipalities  and  local  government,  the  interim  objective  of  "establishing  an  overall  information  security  protection  system  and  improving  information  security  protection  capabilities"  has  been  achieved  in  the  prescribed  order.  

Taiwan  has  a  unique  political  and  economic  environment,  and  when  confronted  with  a  complex  and  ever-changing  global  ICT  environment  and  the  information  security  threats,  it  is  imperative  that  work  related  to  the  implementation  and  refinement  of  ICT  security  should  be  continued.  Therefore  the  Taskforce  has  conducted  the  necessary  research  and  is  now  proposing  the  National  Strategy  for  Cybersecurity  Development  Program  (2013-2016)  (the  Program),  which  is  designed  to  be  the  basis  on  which  all  government  agencies  implement  information  and  communication  security  plans  in  the  current  phase.